Flirt, Contact of ov-ontmoeting in de trein naar Vlissingen!

13 Januari 2013 hadden we oogcontact in de trein van station Leiden Centraal naar station Vlissingen
Op station Rotterdam Centraal verloren we elkaar uit het oog
Somehow you made me think you're a French guy, so I'll wright this in my best English. We both got in the train at Leiden in the afternoon of friday the 11th of Januari. We were in front of eachother. Immidiately I noticed you and your appearence. You where wearing a warm (woolen?) sweater a lightcoloured coat, and a white warm scarf. You're pants was one of those hicking pants also beige, and your shoes brown (and leather?) On your backpack there was a pendant wich said 'Australia'. You were reading a printed article and writing things down,interspersed with looking out the window. As you see I tryed to look self-controlled, by writing in my coloured book, looking interested in my agenda and listening to music. But actually my attention was on you all the ride from Leiden to Rotterdam. After a while our eyes crossed and I was stunned, really, you have beautifull brown eyes :)Our eyes crossed a few times more, I got nervous, I didnt know what to do, if I should say anything? So I did nothing, even when you got out the train at Rotterdam Central, and looked behind your shoulder once more. I blame myself fore not jumping out that train to have a chat with you, cause I'm thinking of you since friday and wonder where you are and what you do, hopefully we'll meet again!