Flirt, Contact of ov-ontmoeting in de trein naar Schiphol!

22 December 2013 hadden we oogcontact in de trein van station Amsterdam Sloterdijk naar station Schiphol
Op station Schiphol verloren we elkaar uit het oog
You were breathless when you got on (in A'dam Sloterdijk or Lelylaan? Train was to Vlissingen). It was just the two of us in the train's hallway but I was too shy to look at you directly (I did steal a few glances of your reflection in the window though). You took off your thick sweater with colourful patterns. You wore dark-grey skinny jeans and awesome doc martens. You put headphones on at some point. I wore all black except a black and white hat. I got up upon arrival in Schiphol and smiled at you. You smiled back. I got out and looked back where you were sitting. You waved. I waved back and was on my way, gutted I didn't grab the chance to talk to you. Hope you're reading this...