Flirt, Contact of ov-ontmoeting in de trein naar Utrecht Centraal!

Oogcontact in de trein van station Eindhoven naar station Utrecht Centraal
We verloren elkaar uit het oog in station Amsterdam Amstel
Deze flirt vond plaats op 27 Augustus 2016
At Eindhoven I entered the first class with my diner, I just bought in the few minutes time I had on Eindhoven station. I saw you, beautiful Asian girl with two friends on the seats before me. I think you are from Thailand. Your friend was wearing glasses and your other friend was sleeping on the other side of the aisle. I am so sorry for the smell of my burger and chips but I really needed some food. I think you have been shopping together. You had good taste wearing a sexy black dress which fitted you perfectly. Leaving the train in Utrecht we had a split second eye contact. Would you like to continue that in a more comfortable setting?