Flirt, Contact of ov-ontmoeting in de trein naar Alkmaar!

Oogcontact in de trein van station Eindhoven naar station Alkmaar
We verloren elkaar uit het oog in station Kies-station
Deze flirt vond plaats op 23 Maart 2019
We were waiting for the train to Alkmaar in Eindhoven station. They said something in dutch and I asked about it. We talked for a bit and you told me that you were coming back from a trip to Mallorca with your mum. We sat nearby in the train and I wanted to keep talking to you but the presence of you mum was intimidating (plus I´m a bit shy!). I stopped in den Bosch and I wish I had asked you for your phone! Now I can´t stop thinking of your smile!
-The spanish girl in the train :)

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