Flirt, Contact of ov-ontmoeting in de trein naar Zaandam!

02 April 2019 hadden we oogcontact in de trein van station Arnhem naar station Zaandam
Op station Amsterdam Centraal verloren we elkaar uit het oog
There was a big delay because there was a car on the railway between Utrecht and Arnhem. It was very busy in the first train that went to Amsterdam. We had to take a other train in Utrecht and you took the same one as me. I saw you kept looking at me and when you were about to get out of the train in Amsterdam central you walked to me and said ‘I just wanted to say you look really good’.
I wonder who you are. You had brown hair, a bag pack, black with white shoes and I think you were from India? I’m Dutch, brown long hair and was wearing a black coat with black shoes and a black backpack.